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Our firm was created to serve you. Whether your needs are investment related, philanthropic or lean more toward business consulting and succession planning, we have the expertise to guide you. Our reputation of delivering personal attention and outstanding service is embodied in our high-client retention.

We build advisory relationships with trust and integrity. We have a saying at Sendero: “We don’t outsource trust.” We understand the weight of this trust and the confidence placed in us. 

Mission Statement

To strengthen the families and foundations of our community through education, advice and honest conversations on their financial lives. To empower clients with peace of mind regarding their financial wellbeing.


Success can be measured by many metrics, but the satisfaction of our clients is best expressed by their own stories.

Scott R. McMillian

Partner | Chairman

Freedom with compromise.

We provide personalized financial advice to our clients, many of whom have complex financial needs. Sendero ensures your financial guidance is in your best interest, your financial goals and objectives are our top focus, and your advisory fees are transparent.

Investments are important but only part of the equation of an ongoing wealth plan. Your family, your values, your priorities and goals are part of the equation. Sendero provides personalized financial advice to our clients, many of whom have complex financial needs. Our established reputation is delivering high-touch service and doing what is best for our valued clients.

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Let’s discuss your financial future.


Dark, Deep and Public Internet

What is the Dark Web?  Is it something you run into at night and all of a sudden you become a Ninja Warrior?  Not quite.  There are 3 levels of the internet: World Wide Web (www): which everyone is very familiarDeep Web: Government resources,...

A Pandemic was not on the 2020 Bingo Card

As 2019 was ending, we positioned portfolios ahead of what we thought might be a contentious 2020: election year, late cycle, tariffs, etc. You may have heard us say, “We did not have a global pandemic on the 2020 bingo card!” Similarly, as we look back at March of...

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