Sendero Summer Reading with Elizabeth Crawford, CEO

What are you reading during the pandemic?

We decided to ask this question to the Sendero team and will be sharing with you over the next several weeks their responses. Many of us are using the “extra time at home” to dust off our collection of books and catch up on some Summer reading. From fantasy, poetry, new fiction, old fiction, leadership and self-improvement, we look forward to sharing with what we are reading. From Elizabeth Crawford, CEO:

Reading is a luxury I truly enjoy.  I must confess, prior to Covid-19 I was not reading much.  As the virus kept us all at home, I found my books again!  I read a lot for work, so I often look for non-business books when reading to relax.  I chose to read a book on religion to keep my faith alive.  I specifically chose, “Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist,” to help me understand how the Christian faith came to be and to gain the proper context for why certain things are important or meaningful.  Two thousand years later, we don’t get the nuances or cultural norms that existed then.

“7 Lessons from Heaven” may seem in the same vein but it is written by a friend of my dad’s.  She drowned in a kayaking accident in South America but came back to life.  Dr. (as in M.D.) Neal and my dad have had many conversations about what happened to her but more importantly, about why we are here and what is meaningful in our lives.  In today’s world of chaos and pain, this book grounds me and helps me be intentional and think beyond today.The most special book I am reading is “A Treasury of the World’s Greatest Fairy Tales.”  My mother bought this two-volume series the year after I was born.  She kept them in great shape considering how much we read from them.  I receive great joy in sharing these with my five-year old as I tuck him into bed.  We read these age-old stories together, hopefully, making memories he will carry with him.  I watch his eyelids grow heavy and wonder what he will dream of tonight.  It is a wonderful tradition that was getting away from me prior to the Great Slowdown of 2020, aka, Covid-19.  The good news is, we aren’t even all the way through volume one. 

Elizabeth Crawford, CEO