Being Nice Can Get You Hacked

Being hacked can happen in places you wouldn’t expect and sometimes being nice can get you hacked.  The following scenarios are just a couple of ways being hacked can happen: 

Did you know a hacker can gain access to your system with his cell phone?  The hacker walks up with a dead cell phone and asks if they can plug their phone into your computer for a quick charge.  They have an urgent call to make and they just need to charge for a few minutes.  The hacker preys on your kindness.

The hacker phone is plugged into your computer, they talk to you to keep you from seeing the PC screen and press a button on a remote device that activates the phone to start copying all your browser information.  Your computer screen flashes for a second and now they have your passwords, logins, etc. 

They unplug the phone, say thank you and then walk off. The hacker goes back to their computer, plugs in the phone and downloads all of your information.  Now they can log into all the sites you have saved in your web browser. Hackers can weaponize a mouse, keyboard and almost anything that is connected to a USB cable.  You should not let a stranger ever plug a device into your phone or computer. 

You should use a personal password manager, not your web browser, to save passwords.  It is highly recommended that you do NOT use your web browser to store website passwords. You can search for “recommended password managers” to see a full list.

Another way innocent people can be attacked is if a hacker puts up a public charging station for people to plug into for charging.  They return the next day, take down the charging station and are able to retrieve all of your personal information they have stolen from your phone or device that was connected to their charging station.

Even the innocent idea of opening a door for someone maybe allowing a person to enter an authorized area without credentials. 

Be vigilant and stay safe from hackers!

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David H.Coull
Senior Systems Adminstrator