Discover. Wealth Management.

Honest Conversations

We start by learning about your views of money and how to talk about money. Each phase of life brings new opportunities, challenges, and priorities. Understanding your current financial situation is vital to successfully making decisions concerning your future financial goals.

Through structured discovery meetings, disciplined communication and financial education, we take the time to build a trusting, long-term relationship to help you succeed. Our shared history of working closely together helps us support you in a way that extends beyond simply managing your investment.

We Navigate Your Path With Confidence

1 | Starting Strategically

Not all your goals are investment related. We have the expertise to help you navigate the complexities and opportunities in life. Together, we uncover what matters to you most, then design a plan, and chart your path.

2 | Goal-oriented Growth

A properly built investment portfolio considers your goals, your tolerance for risk, and your financial situation. We take a personalized and collaborative strategy to investing and navigating your financial lifecycle.

3 | Wealth. Well-Managed

Our institutional practices create a disciplined and thoughtful approach to the challenges true wealth brings. We are committed to designing and sustaining a repeatable process to asset allocation, portfolio management, and advisory services.

This is How We Discover Together.

“Trust requires going beyond the expectations of our clients. It is based on the confidence, experience, and communication that Sendero® brings to the relationship every day.”

Partner | President

“Investing is not about where your money is, it’s about how you use it to create wealth.”

 Investment Advisor