Everyone has a Legacy

Preserving Wealth and Preparing Future Generations

Conversations and decisions that focus on money, family and values are often complex. Our experienced and licensed team facilitates meaningful conversations to discover and define the values of a family and help communicate between generations. We strategically work with our multigenerational families using education and collaboration to guide them to becoming cohesive, decision-making units.

Best practices and values-based planning

Family governance and decision-making structure

Defining family core money values and mission

Navigating the family business

Education for the rising generation and emerging adults

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of wealth

Customized, facilitated family meetings and retreats

Philanthropic strategies and charitable giving

We are connected by the legacies passed down from those who came before us and the legacies we pass down to those who come after. Wisdom, experiences, and stories are the essential ingredients of a family’s legacy. Connection to the stories and family history help give purpose to the next generation’s role in that legacy.

Achieve family alignment and purpose

Governance for the family, by the family

Prepared heirs and stewards of wealth

Education, facilitated conversations and collaboration

Build intentional engagement, mutual trust, and shared values

Purposeful and connected

Capture important values, create policy and vision for the family

Format a platform for discussion and conflict resolution

“Your legacy isn’t about money or possessions. It’s the wisdom, experiences and stories of your family.”

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Partner | Vice President Talent and Client Development