Family Foundations Begin with Your Story

Personalized Approach for a Purposeful Difference

Making a positive impact for the causes and organizations you cherish starts with a strategic plan. Finding the right family mission involves more than identifying your interests. What is important to you becomes your values in action. Our experienced team will collaborate with you to design a carefully crafted giving plan focused on your charitable goals.

Foundation formation planning

Impact reporting

Governance, compliance, and best practices

Grant administration and management

Due diligence and facilitation of funding decisions

Communication with grantees, applicants, and foundation board

Next generation and trustee training and education

The benefits of a family foundation reach beyond the philanthropies they support. A properly structured family foundation is one of the legacies you pass to the next generation. When multiple generations are involved in the conversation, the family’s story continues to flourish.

With our team you will find:
You — not a bank trust department — are in control

Disciplined, repeatable, professional administration process

Professional management creates a welcomed barrier between the family and applicants

Multigenerational conversations bring family together

Trustees trained to be stewards of wealth not owners of wealth

Sophisticated software and governance for management

Charitable organization research

Best practices applied

“Making an impactful and meaningful difference starts with a strategic plan.”

Senior Philanthropic Advisor​

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Senior Philanthropic Advisor​

Partner Liaison | Philanthropic Specialist

Partner Liaison | Philanthropic Specialist