Stewardship: An ethic that embodies the careful, responsible planning and management entrusted to one’s care; the acceptance or assignment to shepherd and safeguard the valuables of others; choosing service over self-interest.

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March 2017
Last October, London-based Henderson Group announced its merger with Denver-based money manager Janus Capital Group. This past March, two big British firms, Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management, agreed to join forces.

Several formidable trends are leading this activity in the asset management business. First, the growth of indexing, or passive, and quantitative strategies have been the recipient of massive and consistent inflows. Second, returns for active managers have been disappointing as few managers have been able to beat their benchmark net of fees and taxes. Third, technological disruptions such as robo-advisors, have impacted firms’ access to distribution channels for their products and services. Fourth, record-low interest rates and controversial monetary policies have sparked a roaring stock market where investors just want exposure.
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#VIX on Pace to Shatter 24-Year-Old Record @WSJ

The #FinancialIndustry Needs to Start #Planning for the Next 50 Years, Not the Next Five @HarvardBiz

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