Disciplined. Repeatable. Process.

You have a dedicated partner in Sendero® who understands your structure, will develop a plan for your growth, and maintain a strategic partnership for maintaining your assets in perpetuity. Our team of institutional advisors have the skill in creating a disciplined repeatable process and have the experience working with advisory and investment board members.

From Plan to Portfolio

Sendero® has a long history of serving institutions. Engagements are long-term relationships based on constructing tailored solutions and providing ongoing support to manage investment decisions. Trust and integrity are at the core of these connections.
We Have Expertise In:
Goal assessment and prioritization

Comprehensive aggregate reporting

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) development and maintenance

Establishing spending policies, cash flow analysis, and asset allocation

Customized investment portfolios

Fiduciary obligations

Analysis of new investment opportunities

Board and/or investment committee meetings

Market commentary

“A successful investment plan requires a complete, long-term and well-balanced process.”

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