It Started With an Internship

You could say my internship with Sendero® was so nice, I did it twice. Once as an undergraduate at St. Mary’s University and again while I was a full-time graduate student working on my MBA at St. Mary’s. Now, six years later, it is easy to identify how it prepared me for my current role as a Senior Financial Analyst on Sendero’s Investment Team.

The concentration for my MBA was data analytics and during my internship with Sendero®, I was able to apply this concentration to several projects for the Investment Team.  After completing my MBA, I was hired on as a full-time Financial Analyst at Sendero®, later being promoted to Senior Financial Analyst.

Currently, my two main responsibilities are to lead manager due diligence across asset classes and analyze manager and portfolio positioning and performance. My internships gave me the opportunity to explore different roles and responsibilities, which allows me to cross-collaborate with ease within the firm. For example, one of my current responsibilities is to perform due diligence for our asset allocation process, which is used by the portfolio managers and investment advisors to implement in client portfolios. This process allows me to apply valuable skills learned during my MBA program and internship at Sendero® to my full-time job. Internships can be great segues to full-time jobs.

At Sendero®, there is no grunt work for our interns. The work they do matters, and it is meaningful. Our interns are given responsibilities that allow them to learn, grow, and that provide them with skills they can carry throughout their career. It is always fulfilling to see interns gain valuable skills and experience, then apply what they’ve learned as they head into their dream jobs, even if it turns out not to be here at Sendero®. My internship exposed me to our company culture which emphasizes making people feel valued and grants employees a lot of responsibility. This is what drew me to Sendero® in the first place, and it’s what has kept me here for six years.

I feel fortunate to be part of an organization that has led so many people to spend their entire careers here. It’s a testament to the positive work environment and the opportunities for growth and advancement. Personally, I feel like I’ve found my place here at Sendero®. My internship experience was the perfect launching pad for a successful career, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn and grow with such an incredible company. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be one of those people who have been here for decades, like Tara Maxwell, who has been with Sendero for 25 years, and Fabian Rodriguez who has been with Sendero® since the start of his career in 2013. But for now, I’m happy to be here and to be part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking team.