Is your information in a data breach?

You do not have to fall for a scam for your information to be stolen. Over 40 data beaches have been ranked among the worst this year and the list is growing.    […]

Don’t Get Scammed

We are consistently bombarded by hackers, spammers or whatever you like to call them.  They use our phone — voice and text — email, social media, and other devices, to attack […]

How To Detect a Phishing Email

The ACA Group recently sent out an article about detecting phishing emails.   We added some comments to the article to help explain more about detecting a phishing email. Analyzing the email […]

Should you use cloud storage?

Can you restore your files and pictures if they are deleted, corrupted or unusable from your PC or Mac? If your answer is “no,” then keep reading so you do […]

The Word Is Password

The meaning of the word “password” is a secret word, phrase, or sequence of characters that must be presented to gain access or admittance.   In 2011 it took a hacker […]

Dark, Deep and Public Internet

What is the Dark Web?  Is it something you run into at night and all of a sudden you become a Ninja Warrior?  Not quite.  There are 3 levels of the internet: […]