The Season of Giving

With the season of giving among us, we encourage you to give back to your community. Discover more about spreading generosity with your time, talent, and treasure in this video.

Where Did Your Giving Go?

According to the latest Giving USA analysis, over $400B was contributed to philanthropic initiatives in the U.S. last year. Discover which initiatives received these contributions in this chart.

Memorial Day

Service is one of Sendero’s core values. On Memorial Day, we remember the service of our fallen heroes and honor the men and women who fought to preserve and protect our freedoms.

The Importance of Charitable Giving Goals

To ensure your family foundation is effective and achieves its intended impact, it is essential to design a carefully crafted giving plan that is focused on your charitable goals.

Making a Charitable Contribution

Why sell shares of stock when you can gift them? If you have appreciated stocks in your portfolio, you might want to consider donating those shares to charity rather than […]

10 Tactics to Keep Your Meeting on Track

Many meeting effectiveness tips — whether the gathering happens in a room or on a Zoom — are well understood by now, including starting and ending on time, creating efficient agendas, establishing […]