Memorial Day

Service is one of Sendero’s core values. On Memorial Day, we remember the service of our fallen heroes and honor the men and women who fought to preserve and protect our freedoms.

Though Memorial Day is traditionally a day of remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, it may bring you joy to also honor the military veterans who returned home after fighting alongside those lost. One way to thank these veterans for their service and honor the memory of those lost is to support though philanthropy.

There are many honorable nonprofit agencies focused on supporting our veterans. It’s worthwhile to research these agencies, find one that aligns with your values and mission, and support them with a financial contribution, volunteerism, or in-kind donation.

Offering your support on Memorial Day is a unique and meaningful way to serve the community, honor our veterans, and ultimately remember the military men and women who lost their lives either on or off the battlefield.


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