Philanthropy Can Support our Military Heroes

Memorial Day is a Day to Remember

In a short time, we will be celebrating Memorial Day. It seems odd to use the word “celebrate” when referring to a special day dedicated to the memory of all the men and women who died in the military, whether in battle or afterwards. Rather, this should be a somber day of remembrance and honor for those who gave their all to preserve and protect our freedoms. 

This should also be a day to honor those military men and women who returned home.  A number of them have been scarred, broken and, in some cases, disabled. We must certainly thank these veterans for their service and their sacrifices. We can also support them through our philanthropy. 

We focus much of our attention on the myriad of nonprofit agencies with missions of helping the homeless, children, the abused, addressing food insecurities, and many other tremendous causes in need of financial resources.  I suggest at this time of year, Memorial Day, we also consider how our philanthropy can support our military heroes. There are many worthwhile and honorable organizations providing many forms of assistance to our physically and psychologically injured veterans. Do a little research, find a veteran’s cause that touches you, and support the important work they do with a financial contribution. 

Memorial Day is a day to honor and remember our lost men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. Use your philanthropy dollars to remember and honor our military men and women, living and deceased. Consider this again in November as we approach Veteran’s Day. Both of these “memorial” days deserve a special place in American’s minds and hearts.