David H. Coull

David is committed to making technology a tool that ensures a secure and seamless experience for Sendero’s clients and employees. After more than three decades working in IT, his expertise in systems management, financial compliance and data protection is invaluable. He continuously seeks new ways to improve cyber security and is always ready to patiently help users with their technology challenges.

As the Senior Systems Administrator, David is constantly checking our digital defenses for vulnerabilities and then shoring them up, should he find any. He is also always on the lookout for the latest data breaches and alerting our clients to the steps they should take to protect their information and limit their vulnerabilities. David also tests our own systems for vulnerabilities to keep data safe and Sendero within compliance.

David came to Sendero® in 2017 after working with Argent Financial Group. At Argent he developed an alert system that let him know if systems went offline. David understands the unique targets financial services companies make and remains ever vigilant to protect the organization’s digital integrity.

Experience & History