Thano Hasiotis, CFA

Thano is a deep analytical thinker, going beyond the surface views to find the root source. This thinking is what made him a successful ranked sell-side senior analyst and portfolio manager over the last thirty years. Thano is able to identify and distill the salient points of complex issues, considering the potential solutions available as he works. Thano has applied this thinking throughout his career in identifying trading opportunities and running companies. As a long-time investor, Thano is an asset to Sendero’s investment committee.

In addition to working in the hedge fund industry and managing his own money, Thano is also veteran corporate leader having worked as both a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. He also founded a hosted technology, project procurement, and logistical services company for integrated marketing campaigns.

Thano has been a Chartered Financial Analyst® for more than 30 years. He joined Sendero® in 2022 and plays an instrumental role in building Sendero’s presence in Austin. 

Experience & History