Preserving wealth
and preparing future generations.

You are likely familiar with the proverb “shirtsleeves-to-shirtsleeves in three generations,” which describes the process of wealth creation in the first generation, wealth consumption in the second generation, and wealth loss in the third generation.

Often, this is a result because the family lacks structure and effective communication, while overlooking the important family conversations. It is possible the next generation will be unprepared to steward the wealth and not connect to the history and future of the family.

Let us help you create your lasting legacy.

Conversations and decisions that focus on money, family and values are often complex. We build close-knit relationships with our family clients through consistent communication, family education and collaboration. With our experienced team, we guide you in planning and facilitating these discussions to objectively create a values-based plan for your family today…and tomorrow.

Legacy is the wisdom, experiences and stories that are the essential ingredients of a family’s heritage. At Sendero, we help identify these ingredients and create a guide for present and future generations.

Tara D. Maxwell

Partner | Vice President

Our family legacy services includes:

Best practices for families
Family governance and decision-making structure
Values-based planning
Customized family meetings & retreats
Navigating the family business
Education for next generation and emerging adults

Investment Management

Family Office

Family Foundations

Women & Wealth

Family Legacy

Let’s discuss your family legacy today.


What To Do When Liquidity Washes Over You

What To Do When Liquidity Washes Over You

One person makes hundreds of millions of dollars on the sale of a business they’ve built over decades. Another person buys a winning lottery ticket.
The sale has been in the works for years. The lottery ticket was bought on a whim. In the wealth management business, both are called liquidity events.

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