The Sendero Story Part 2

Fred was sure to continue his legacy as well. In 2011, Fred and Scott analyzed the industry landscape and deduced, like many business owners, they had two choices: sell the firm or build for the next generation. The simple answer would have been to cash out and enjoy retirement but the motto of Sendero is to do what’s right every day.  

Fred and Scott knew they could build a firm to serve their clients and their families for generations. To make that happen they invited myself and Liz Crawford to join the business as equity partners in 2012. By the year-end of 2013, Sendero assets under management grew by nearly a billion dollars to reach $2.7 billion.1 

In 2014, former partner, Roy Trice, visited with Fred. Roy had retired from a successful career in the hedge fund industry after leaving Redstone Partners. Roy and longtime friend and fellow investor, John Rowsell PhD., another successful and retired hedge fund veteran, began consulting for the firm as they reviewed Sendero’s investment platform.  

Their work completed there, they began to help Fred and Scott truly implement the succession plan they began in 2012. In 2017, the fruits of those labors were announced. Fred became Chairman Emeritus, Scott moved to the role of Chairman, I became President of Sendero and Liz Crawford was named Chief Executive Officer. The baton had been passed. 

After working with the firm since 2014, John Rowsell and Roy Trice were firm believers in what Sendero had to offer clients. They became equity partners in 2018 and today are members of the management committee with Liz Crawford. 

Still Blazing Trails 

In 2018, the firm announced several new innovative business divisions:  Women & Wealth, Family Foundations, Family Legacy, and Family Office services. Each of these came organically from services the firm was already providing to clients, but in a less formalized fashion. Fred was natural at seeing the issues people were facing and producing a solution. Sendero took that a few steps further and created structure, training, and outcomes which created these new business divisions. 

Sendero is built for the needs of modern families navigating wealth beyond investments. Investments are the core of the firm but there is so much more to offer families. Most firms are not equipped to help past a portfolio. Some offer tax preparation or want to sell you insurance but that is not really helping you think intentionally about your family, your legacy and the generations that will follow behind you.  

At Sendero, we are here to help you with any need. You will hear us ask, “How can we help?” because we have the talent and expertise to help guide you on your path. If we cannot do it, we likely know someone who can. We have designed and built a firm to take care of your wealth and the complexities that can come with it. 

We continue down the path forged by Fred – serving families with integrity, honesty, and a sincere desire to do what is right, every day.  

1 Assets under management on 12/31/11 were $1.7 billion.  Ed Hart and Liz Crawford joined Sendero in March and February, respectively, of 2012.  Assets under management on 12/31/13 grew to $2.7 billion.