Women & Wellness


Join us for an inspirational evening with our special guest: wellness coach, international speaker, and mindfulness advocate, Alison Canavan.



5 PM – 7 PM


Paesano’s (Lincoln Heights)

555 E. Basse Rd.
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Meet our speaker


Alison Canavan is an acclaimed international speaker, wellness coach, and mindfulness advocate, inspiring audiences worldwide with her powerful message of energy management, personal growth and well-being. As a former international model, she has graced the world’s most prominent runways and magazines, but it is her journey beyond the spotlight that truly captivates audiences.

Alison’s approach to personal growth and corporate success is grounded in authenticity, compassion, and practicality. Her engaging presentations resonate deeply with audiences, leaving them inspired to embrace change and live with purpose. In addition to her speaking engagements, Alison’s work extends to advocacy for mental health awareness, promoting well-being, and supporting positive change within communities. Her dedication to empowering lives has earned her recognition as a change agent and an influential force in the field of wellness.

Alison believes that energy is the currency of the future. She teaches that the most important currency to drive growth isn’t a financial measure. It’s the capitalization of your personal energy and that of the people you surround yourself with. Both on stage and off, Alison’s mission remains clear – to create a ripple effect of positive transformation, helping individuals and companies thrive with a mindful and purpose-driven approach to life.

Discover more about Alison Canavan here: https://alisoncanavan.com/

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